About Me


You want to lose weight. You want to look great and feel even better. You wish that healthy eating was as simple as the magazines make it out to be.

How do I know that?

Because that was my story, too.

I used to be almost 300 pounds and ate fried chicken, cupcakes, and cheesesteaks on the regular. I was working hard as a producer for TV giants like CBS, Fox, E! Networks, and CNN. Since then, I’ve lost over 80 pounds and 12 dress sizes by changing my lifestyle and habits (all while maintaining a still busy schedule). I’ve rediscovered the joys of a fit and active life, as well as the pleasures found in slow food and the power of clean eating.

I am a work in PROGRESS...

I’m here to teach you what I learned on my own weight loss journey so that you can be a success story as well.

I work with focused, motivated, and high-powered female professionals to help them ditch the stress, lose weight, and love living healthy. My clients would describe me as part compassionate coach, part badass best friend, and part bootcamp instructor. I’ll hold your hand through the whole process and a loving kick in the butt when necessary! We both know that the only way to get results is to do the work.


I am not a doctor, nutritionist, a dietician or any other type of medical professional.

Throughout this site, I will share my tips and findings, but you need to talk with your doctor before trying any new diets or exercises.

I also encourage you to do your own research on the benefits and side effects of the herbs or supplements I mention.

I am simply a woman who is sharing her healthful journey with others and hoping to guide those who want to make a change.

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