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In February, I made the monumental decision to fire my bosses at what so many people consider “a very good job.”

I am now the CEO of my own multi-million dollar company and I moved to PARIS!!

I am passionate about doTERRA essential oils — both as amazing products and a powerful business model.  I would love to share that passion with you. WOOOOT 🙂

Will you be a good fit for my team??

  • You are a woman between 25 and 55 years old
  • You have a entrepreneurial attitude
  • You love holistic treatments and want a holistic solution to life’s issues
  • You have time for doTERRA
  • You and/or your family can afford a 150PV LRP every month
  • You are an extrovert or an outgoing introvert
  • You are committed, capable and financially motivated
  • You want to have more money in your bank account each month

doTERRA is an essential oils company that markets through direct selling.  Entry-level Wellness Advocates with the rank of Manager, Director and Executive earn up to $1,600 annually in commissions and account for 9% of all doTERRA members.

At the mid-level ranks of Elite and Premier (4% of all doTERRA members), Wellness Advocates learn about participating in doTERRA as a business and are almost always doing the business on a part-time basis. Average annual earnings for these ranks range from $3,950 to $9,950 per year.

The highest levels in the commission plan are the leadership ranks — Silver and above — and can earn between $26,000 and over $1.3 million per year!!

Say WHAT?!


Ready to start your path to financial freedom?

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is doTERRA?

A: doTERRA was founded in 2008 by a group of executives looking to create a new standard in the essential oil industry. It is now the largest essential oil company in the world and is committed to providing families and individuals with natural healthcare solutions.

Q: Is doTERRA a pyramid scheme?

A: No. doTERRA is a very reputable direct-sales company with a proven track record. When you think about the complexities of essential oils, the direct-sales model totally makes sense. It would be hard to do these oils justice if they were just sitting on store shelves. doTERRA chose the network-marketing approach over traditional advertising to provide users with the ultimate network of mentors, knowledge, and support.



Q: What are the requirements to earn each commissions bonus?

A: For any of the bonuses, you must meet the set amounts of monthly PV, OV, and Leg Requirements:

Unilevel: Meet your monthly PV (Personal Volume), OV (Wellness Advocate’s volume plus their team), and Leg Requirements for your rank. (Leg Requirements= the rank of personally enrolled qualified legs in your downline.)

Power of 3: To earn the first $50 bonus, three people on your frontline must place 100 PV LRP orders, and your OV (team volume) must be at least 600 PV or more. Bonuses go up to $1,500 and you can earn it multiple times.

Fast Start: You earn five to 20 percent of the orders of new people that you enroll within their first 60 days.

Preferred Member Bonus: You will earn 15 percent of the combined volume of all Preferred Member orders.

Retail Customer Bonus: You will earn 25 percent (the difference between retail and wholesale) off of all Retail customers.

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